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Harlot Wear

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Get Fat  //   Tuesday - January 31, 2012

Snow has been minimal in these parts for most of this season. However, we did get a nice little snow last weekend which made for 2 nice days of snow riding. I've had the fat front tire option for the Jones for 3+ years now and really like it in the snow. I have the Surly Larry tire on now, but previously used the Endomorph. Both get the job done nicely.

Seems quite a few others have been going with a fat front set up. It isn't cheap, as the rims and tires tend to be a bit expensive and most people will need a new fork that can handle a tire that can range from 3.5" to 4.0". But, it is a lot cheaper than a full fat bike build and they are super fund to ride. If you are thinking of heading down that path, check Surly's blog entry that gives a nice run down on fork options for converting your favorite steed. They also cover some of the nuances regarding hub spacing and disc mounts. Good stuff.

My current set up is a Speedway 50mm rim, Paul WHUB, Surly Larry 3.8" tire and the Jeff Jones fat fork.

Frederick Watershed Snow Ride

- riderx


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