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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Baltimore Bike Action  //   Thursday - March 10, 2005

There's going to be some bike happenings in Baltimore on April 9th at Charm City Art Space. Things are still being worked out and arranged but so far a maintenance work shop, a fun ride and at least 3 bands are lined up. Stay tuned for more details or check the link above.

I'm getting ready to head north in search of powder but stay tuned, Spearmint and Ricky D should be manning the keyboard while I'm gone. Keep the rubber-side down while I'm gone.

- riderx

24 Hours of Washington DC  //   Tuesday - March 8, 2005

April 6th and 7th IMBA will be putting on the 24 Hours of Washington DC.

Do you have any idea how much corporate welfare goes on? Did you know that your tax dollars can be spent on bike related ventures? Did someone say Wilderness bike ban? Did you know that even dirt bag single speeders can walk right up to Congress and fight for your right to ride? The squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say. How are your representatives going to know how you want them to vote if you don't tell them?

IMBA is making it easy for you, setting up meetings with your reps, coaching you on the hot topics, and hooking you up with some meals. You just need to sign up and show up. Well, maybe take a shower and put on some clean clothes too.

I'l be there, will you? Any readers, especially out-of-towners, that are making it to DC drop me a line.

- riderx

Rally in Indy  //   Tuesday - March 8, 2005

For those of you in the Midwest, don't forget, SS Rally in Indy coming up real soon.

- March 18th & 19th.
- Friday is the pre-rallye party at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub at 9pm (to get course maps)
- The rallye is on the 19th at noon.
- The course is fine for most single speed bikes with mountain tires or cyclocross tires.
- The course will be approximately 14 miles and has some cool sites, like the highest point in Indianapolis at Crown Hill cemetery (in the route) where you can check out John Dillinger's grave.
- After the rallye there is a ride at the local singletrack trail, Town Run trail park and the band Pizzle will be playing at the Melody Inn that night.
- More info:

- riderx

SSPBE Merch.  //   Tuesday - March 8, 2005

OK, grab it while you can. Limited edition 2005 SS Punk Bike Enduro souvenir shirt, rocking out in that early 80's style. Order it here. And if I get the Rollins punk flyer graphic, I'll put a t-shirt version of that up too.

A note on pricing: Cafe Press offers a really cool service where you don't have to buy minimums and they handle all of the ordering/shipping. Of course, this costs money for them. They set a base price, you mark it up. In this case the shirts are $2 over cost. That's it, no big profits here, just a couple of bucks to pay for the beer (note to self: get a beer sponsor next year). If you don't like the price, don't buy one. And if you do buy one: Thanks.

- riderx

Official results of an unofficial event  //   Sunday - March 6, 2005

OK, here are the official rankings from the 2005 Single Speed Punk Bike Enduro. Plus some pictures of the Master and Mistress of the event and their Sid and Nancy awards. Thanks to all who showed up and duked it out for points and those who just came along for the fun. Our ladies field dropped from two in 2004 to one in 2005, we need to work on that one for next year. Points were accummulated for placing in the stages, collecting punks and clearing specially designated sections.

Be sure to check out a whole new crop of pictures of the event shot by Mr. Santos at his Mountain Freak Fotos site. Besides cool ass MTB pictures, he sells framed nature shots. If you like what you see, buy something.

There's also another write up and pix by super SSer John to keep you busy.


Rank Name Points

1 Becky B. 120


Rank Name Points

1 Nick D 112

2 Mike H. (#1) 54

3 Jim C. 49

4 Mike H. (#2) 32

5 Jason S. 11

6 Ricky D. 86 **

7 Paul K. 58 **

**Ranking reflects not showing up for post ride awards - sorry, that's how the game is played.

- riderx


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