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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Good to feel the burn  //   Friday - March 25, 2005

Well, I guess spring is finally getting here in all of it's wet glory. Rain on Sunday and a monsoon on Wednesday. Two point five inches came down on Wednesday making a trail ride impossible. The thought of swimming on two wheels with temps in the 30's was not very appealing either. So, we switched the mid-week ride to Thursday when the skies cleared and the temp was around 42F. Much better.

A good ride overall, heading through Catonsville to the back roads of Ellicott City where the roads are steep and windy. Six of us made it out with fixed gears dominating the pack. Vacation meant no cycling and I felt it in the legs on some of the hills but it was just what I needed. Everyone seemed to be amped up flying through the night, glad to be on the bikes for sure. Swung in to the brew pub for refueling the body and soul, then back onto the tarmac for the last leg, weather a bit brisker than when we started but still not bad.

Got to try out my new tires, the Michelin Transworld City. I like 'em bulletproof for the street shrapnel and these seem like they will fit the bill. The reflective sidewall is a nice touch for these nighttime runs. We'll see how they hold up down the road. Also got to try out the Trek Disco Inferno tail light I picked up as a swag item at the MORE party. This sucker rocks. It's way bright and has tons of side visibility that most tail lights lack. It's a little larger than other blinkies that I've run, but who cares, it's mounted on my seat post. There should be no reason cars can't see with this thing burning.

Local trails are soaked, got to head for the rocks this weekend to get some riding in. Don't even think about hitting Avalon...

- riderx

Kickstands are Dangerous  //   Tuesday - March 22, 2005

A prime reason not to have a kickstand on your bike.
From the AP:
An allegedly drunken bicyclist wound up getting a ride to jail after a state trooper saw him take a clumsy spill at a state highway intersection.


"He was pedaling through the intersection of Highway 71 at the Grand Street crossover and fell off the bike. The pedals kept hitting the kick stand and he couldn't keep it up. He was in the middle of the southbound lanes of traffic," Gravier said.

Full story here


Info has been updated, course maps have been posted. I'm talking about the 2005 Single Speed World Championship. Taking place in State College, Pennsylvania in the US of A in August.

- riderx

New Kid on the Block  //   Monday - March 21, 2005

Coming out of the UK is a new custom frame manufacturer doing only SS and fixed gear frames, fillet brazed or lugged. Check them out at

And for those planning their bike pilgrimages, mark your calendar for September 23 - 25. That's when Gnome-fest part II, a.k.a Revenge of the Gnome, will take place. Sure to be a beer drinkin', bike ridin' good time.

- riderx

Back To The Grind  //   Sunday - March 20, 2005

Back here in MD after spending a week in beautiful New England carving powder on the snowboard. Six straight days of riding was pure sweetness. I did miss the bikes though, didn't take one with me. Arrived back just in time to chow down at the MORE winter party and pick up some swag. Two bikes were given away in a random drawing for people who did trail work this season. One was a Cannondale Single Speed that former Prez Scud won. With a single speed already in his quiver and enough bikes to keep him happy, he pulled the very cool move of arranging to have a similarly priced bike donated to Trips for Kids. A few of us tried to convince him to donate the single speed but I don't think it worked.

Up early today to go do trail maintenance for the first work day of the year at Avalon. Fifteen people showed up to work in the rain and we made some good progress. Worked on a flat trail, not the most exciting trail, but one that's been needing some TLC. Took care of some spots that have been water collection areas and all should be A-OK moving forward.

Thanks to Ricky D for his Midge bar report, hopefully he'll give us another report once he hooks up another stem and gets those things up a little higher.

An update on the Baltimore Bike event mentioned earlier. Looks like it's got a name now, Bikes, Burritos and Bands. April 9th at Charm City Art Space. See the PDF for details. As an FYI, it's been pointed out that it's a no alcohol venue but there are places near by to get your drink on.

Also in B-more with plenty of pedal power going on is the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race on April 30th. Not to be missed.

- riderx


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