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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Rug Burn  //   Friday - April 2, 2004

The 1x1 arrived back from KC on Wednesday safe and in one piece. Whoever packed it up shagged it out with some Carpet Snakes to give it a bit more style. The tag on these things says they are made from pieces of Oriental and antique rugs. A number of the bikes at the Midwest Summit were sporting these, now I've got my own. No web address, but I'll try to track some info down if anyone is interested. Not too much worry about having your ride look like someone else's when you are rocking these.

I'm ready for the magic carpet ride as soon as this rain stops. Looks like road action is in store for the weekend, it's been raining for a couple of days with more in the forecast. April showers. If the weatherman is right, we might have a break tomorrow. At least the clocks spring forward this weekend, a little sunshine in an otherwise bleak outlook.

- riderx

The Big "S" Announces Big Changes  //   Thursday - April 1, 2004

APRIL 1, 2004 - YOKOHAMA, JAPAN -- Industry leader Shinamo announced today it's flagship MTB component group will take a radical departure from expectations and consist of a top-notch single speed grouppo. Spokesman Mike Rotch had this to say: "While most people thought the next logical step was for us to introduce a 10 speed cluster, we realized this would just lead to further degradation of shifting. We are committed to making the lightest component group and the smoothest running parts to give racers every advantage possible. Racers also need the most reliable drivetrain for all conditions. We realized the way to do this was to go with the one speed grouppo."

The component group will be known as "1". Expect to see the technology trickle down to the lower level components over the next couple of years. "Within a few years I suspect you will have a hard time getting multi-geared components unless you are purchasing X-mart level bikes or children's bikes.", Rotch said.

When asked how this change looks to consumers after years of seeing the number of available gears on bicycles increase, Rotch responded "Sometimes to improve you have to come full circle".

As part of the company's commitment to making high performance systems the components have been engineered to work together as a unit. Hubs, freewheels, chains and chainrings are a proprietary design that have been tweaked to shave weight while retaining strength and provide the most power output per pedal revolution with a minimum of energy loss.

Look for the "1" parts to be available to the public by April 1, 2005.

- riderx

Ibis SS  //   Monday - March 29, 2004

With the Surly 1x1 still in route from KC (perhaps a FedEx rant on this at another time), the Crosscheck has been doing trail duty. Not necessary anymore, I was finally able to obtain spokes and build the Eno rear wheel for the Ibis. That's right, the Mojo is up and running as a single speed after sitting in a dark closet for 2 years.

Managed to get 2 rides on it this weekend, feels good overall but definitely different than the 1x1. The cockpit is feeling a bit tight so a longer stem is in order which should also help pin the front wheel a little tighter to the ground. The bike is also sporting a Marzocchi suspension fork, something else I haven't ridden for 2 years. It will be getting a rigid fork as soon as I repo one of the two I have out on loan. Until then, this will work fine although the front end is heavy and your climbing energy gets wasted a bit, but nothing worth crying about.

On a separate note, thanks to all who showed up Sunday for the Avalon trail maintenance. We had about 20 workers show up and we rerouted 2 sections that were mud bogs and repaired a nasty problem spot while introducing a couple of cool expert lines to keep things interesting.

- riderx


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