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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Ride and Dig  //   Friday - April 4, 2008

Lots of rain going on right now, trails will probably be wet, so if the locals are looking for something to do this weekend I've got things mapped out for you, just show up.

Version 4 of the 1903 Adventure Ride, around 48 miles with lots of unpaved roads. Ideal weapon is probably a cross bike. One stream ford early on. There's a water/candy/beer stop at mile 37 ( Full details below.

If your lady is looking for something similar Julie will be doing a girls only 20 mile version ( starting from the same location with a couple of steep hills but much less climbing than my route. Of course, ladies are welcome on my ride, it would certainly raise the beauty factor ;)

Start Location: Sand Flats Parking lot, intersection of Gambrill Park Rd and Tower Rd. Map

Date: April 5th, wheels rolling at 10am

Ride Level: Moderate pace, 48 miles, some steep climbs. I'll have cue sheets to give out.

Description: Not your typical road ride. In 1903 the first Tour de France was held. The roads were rough and unpaved. For this ride we'll seek out the same conditions. Expect gravel, ruts, bumps and dirt in addition to pavement. Plenty of climbing as well since we'll be on the Catoctin ridge. Fixed gear bikes not required but since that's all they rode in the first TdF we encourage you to suffer like those early pioneers. Expect a group of riders closer in attitude and appearance to The Cutters rather than Team Discovery. Recommended tires of 28mm or larger.

Route Map here.

Trail work at the Frederick Watershed. 9am at the Hamburg parking lot. Bring gloves and water, we'll have tools but feel free to bring your favorite along.

- riderx

All the press releases that are fit to print  //   Tuesday - April 1, 2008

When worlds collide. This just came across the wire...

Martha Stewart Introduces New Line of Bikes

NEW YORK, April 1, 2008 / For Immediate Release / -- Martha Stewart Bicycles today announced a partnership with the Huffy Corporation to release a line of urban fixed gear bicycles under the brand name "Mixed". The venture will consist of three distinct models targeted at different segments of the cycling population. In announcing the venture Ms. Stewart commented, "Martha Stewart products have always been about simplicity and function. Fixed gear bicycles fit right into this philosophy and they are very popular right now. It was time for us to put our own spin on this exciting trend."

The Huffy Corporation has been manufacturing bicycles for over 100 years and has previously sponsored cycling legend Greg Lemond as well as having winning bicycles at two Olympic games.

The "Sweet Mary Jane" model will be targeted at suburban soccer moms who are looking for a bicycle that can do duty riding in the cul-de-sac with the kids as easily as it can be used to visit the local farmers market to pick up organic produce. Accessories included with all models will be a basket made from fair traded bamboo and a Starbucks coffee mug holder for the handlebars. Colors available will be "Herb Green" and "Pretty in Pink".

The "Track Azz" model is an urban fixed gear bike that will be just as home at the velodrome as it will be parked outside a NYC music venue. Highlights include Aerospoke wheels, NJS replica parts, narrow width riser bars and a mini U-lock with theft warranty.

For the most elite cyclists the titanium framed "Wall Street" model will set the standard for complete fixed gear bicycles. The wheel set will be custom made for the "Mixed" line and consist of titanium rims, spokes, hubs and track cog. Other highlights include titanium track drop handle bars and ostrich leather saddle. There will be a limit number of bicycles produced and each will be individually numbered.

All bicycles will be available exclusively through independent bicycle dealers to insure customers get proper fit and maintenance for their bicycles.

In addition to the bicycles "Mixed" will introduce a clothing line with pedal pushers for the ladies, gowk hunter knickers for the men and a messenger bag in a variety of sizes.


And in other newz....lots of good riding here lately, nice MTB sandwich last weekend. Friday Saturday and Sunday consisted of the following ingredients: The Shed/Gambrill for the bread and nice meaty filler of Avalon in the middle. Trails were good, rode with A. Neal, Camps and Darius on Friday and led us down the stairway to Hell which required a long climb back out. Fun stuff followed by meeting the ladies at the brew pub for post ride recovery. Hit Patapsco with Jay for some chilly but dry and dusty conditions. Hit pretty much every trail in the park plus a loop through Rockburn. Played recovery the next day with Julie and Becky for Becky's b-day ride. Nice solid weekend of riding.

Larry at Gambrill Bull Run Trail

Girls rock the trail Ladies on the Bakers Dozen Course

Trail scouting mid-week for Sunday's trail work day (9am at the Hamburg lot) meant less miles than normal plus 3 flats for me. When it rains it pours. This weekend some chilly temps again and had me flying solo a bit in the Shed, then met with Darius for some more riding. Took home some hamburger shin from an OTB but I faired better than big D who looked like a werewolf attacked him after he decided to play kissy face with a log. Sunday was spent in Leesburg pre-riding the Baker's Dozen course. Fast, flowy singletrack, they've done a good job with the trail. Looking forward to racing it. I'm slotted with Julie and Kathy in 3 person open, this is their first time doing a relay race so we should have a great time. Hope you got your entry in, it's sold out. Maybe we'll see you there.

- riderx


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