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Earn some trail karma  //   Thursday - April 9, 2009

Did you miss the Frederick Watershed trail work this weekend? No problem, you can earn some trail karma Saturday, April 11th at Patapsco or Greenbrier. Both state parks have trail work going on, so take your pick. Details about both events can be found here.

Lots of good photos continue to pour in to our Flickr pool documenting the new build. Check them out.

- riderx

Dirt Diggin'  //   Tuesday - April 7, 2009

It was an incredible weekend of trail work cutting new singletrack in the Frederick Watershed. We set a few goals and exceeded them all. On Saturday we were planning on getting several chainsaw crews out as well as a few lopper crews to do the corridor clearing for the area where we would be cutting trail on Sunday. There was a lot of dead fall that needed to be ripped through. We were shooting for a small crew, 10 to 12 people who knew what to do with out a lot of supervision. We wound up with 20+ people and cleared the corridor not only for the area we would be working on the next day, but we cleared the entire corridor of almost 1 mile!

Sunday's goal was to get a crew of at least 40 people out and put a major dent on the lower section of trail that was going to take the most work. This involved a lot of heavy bench cutting on a steep side slope that was sure to contain many rocks. There was also going to be a good bit armoring and general rock work as well; slow and heavy work that can take a lot of effort. In all we were hoping to cut the trail up past the first major turn, a big long stretch that was going to take a lot of labor.

Photo by S. McKernon

We wound up with 70 volunteers for the day. That's right, an army of 70 people ready to put in a full work day and make serious progress. We had 5 BOB trailers to haul food, drinks and some small Coleman grills to the work site since it was a mile or so hike in. Grilled up some hot dogs for lunch to feed the crew before we put in another hour or so. We had a keg of Clipper City waiting back at the cars to reward the hard workers when the day was done. In the end we got a huge amount of work done, got trail cut up past our goal of the first big turn. Got a bunch of rock work done including a nice start on a rocky ridge on the top section of the trail.

Photo by S. Spearman

Photo by E. Gorham

The trail users around here continue to amaze me in the amount of effort they are willing to put in make our trails better and better. I was stoked to see so many people turn out to help us dig this new trail. Some people showed up to work both days and deserve extra credit. I think we had a total of 79 unique volunteers this week, that's freakin' amazing. It's still going to take several more big days to complete the new trail and shut down the old erosion mess that currently exists, but we are off to a serious start. A ton of people worked very hard to make this happen, from our meetings with the City, to the laying out the trail, to getting the legal agreements secured to do the work, to people cooking and feeding the trail workers. Big thanks to everyone who has had any part in this, it is much appreciated. We already heard a ton of compliments on the trail layout, I can't wait until it's finished. Next trail day, May 9th. Stay tuned and thanks for helping out!

We are documenting the trail work over on Flickr, check out the photos.

Photo by S. McKernon

P.S. big thanks to all of the sponsors who fed the troops, provided beer and provided swag:
The Bike Doctor Frederick
The Trail House
The Bicycle Escape
The Family Bike Shop
Germantown Cycles
Clipper City Beer
Single Speed Outlaw Factory Team

Photo by M. Dunn

- riderx


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