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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Rain - again...  //   Friday - April 16, 2004

Yeah, it's the rainy season. After the bright sun and dry trails Saturday, the forecast quickly went downhill. Rain was supposed to start at 4 a.m. Sunday and go all day and night. Luckily, it hadn't started by the time I woke and I was able to hit the trail. Rain started about halfway through the ride, but it was still pretty light by the time I finished.

Rain continued all the way up until the regular Wednesday ride and, despite the weatherman's prediction it would stop before ride time, it didn't. So, a few of us rode anyway; it was only a light rain.

Since riding wet roads with foolish drivers wasn't real appealing, I devised an adventure bike route that would shoot us through the park on some pavement, on to some fire roads, along the big chunky rocks of the railroad tracks and eventually looping back and making our way to the brewing company for firkin night (bring your own mug up to 1 liter, fill for $5). Jay misconstrued my plan and wound up being pissed at me for the route selection. It was tough, wet and nasty and he thought we would be doing a beeline for the bar and felt the Romulus wasn't suited for the task. BS I say, he's done the route before and we were all on skinny tires. Nothing a few beers wouldn't cure, which turned out to be right. A few of those mug fills and we were all feeling fine for the trek back home that had us on back roads and some skinny trail before leaving us with a brutal climb out of the river valley.

The rain has finally stopped and the forecast for the weekend looks promising, an unusual turn of events. So, go ride if it's nice out - or even if it's not.

- riderx

Velo Swap  //   Friday - April 16, 2004

If you are looking for track or fixed gear parts, word is the Velo Swap at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome in Trexlertown, PA is the place to be. It's April 17, details can be found here.

- riderx

Redline Press Release  //   Thursday - April 15, 2004


After successfully waving the Redline flag at cyclo-cross events this past season, Colorado's MARC GULLICKSON will be attending select NORBA nationals this year in the single speed ranks aboard the popular and highly affordable REDLINE "FLIGHT" MONO-COG.
The Flight MonoCog is the latest single speeder from Redline; who utilized the lighter yet stronger U-6 alluminum tubing. The bike retails for $599.

Gully's Redline debut in the single speed ranks will be this weekend at Sea Otter. Keep an eye out for him; if he rides the MonoCog half as well as he does Redline's CONQUEST PRO 'cross bike -- you'll just have to look up front to find him.

- riderx

Trail Time  //   Monday - April 12, 2004

Saturday was BEE-U-TI-FULL, sun was shining and the temps were struggling towards 70. After lots of recent rain followed by a rare dry stretch, it wasn't hard to postpone the 50 mile fixed road ride that was in the works and hit the dirt before more precip came. Three of us packed it up and headed an hour north to Lake Redman in York, PA. The trails surrounding the two connecting reservoirs/lakes are well marked with trail numbers. Although some of the numbers can be misleading because of spurs, it's pretty hard to get lost overall. Maps can usually be found in the parking area.

Lots of nice singletrack that is lovingly maintained by the York Area Mountain Bike Association (YAMBA) - thanks guys and girls. Ridge trails, twisty singletrack, up, down, all-around fun. Some of the highlights: Two tunnels lead you under I-83 at various points. The first, on trail #7 is pitched downward in the direction we usually take it. Tight, so you have to hunch down to keep your head from hitting. Wet, so when your ass is hanging over the rear wheel it gets a nice spray. Slimey, so you've got to stay on your toes or you'll go skating down the concrete like the Disco Cowboy did on Saturday. The exit spits you into a DEEP pool at the end if you don't hang tight to the right. How deep? Try over the wheels. Number 7 itself is one of the highlights of the ride: tough climbs on the SS, fun downhills, all wooded singletrack.

The second tunnel is on level ground, wider and taller so you don't have to hunch over. A boardwalk runs along one edge but isn't rideable due to the curvature of the tunnel. The waterway you ride is littered with big, slime covered rocks. It's dark, just deep enough to get you wet if you choke. You use the force to find your way and stay upright, keep a constant pedal stroke or get soaked.

In between these two fun spots are lung-busting climbs; fast, swoopy downhills and enough buff trail interlaced with roots and rocks to put a smile on most riders' faces. Switchbacks so tight that you have to work to make the turn: too much speed and you wash out over the edge, too slow and you dab. Bench-cut rippers that have you dodging trees with your handlebars as you launch roots and rocks grabbing every inch of air you can before the next turn.

Going to be in the neighborhood? Make sure you bring your bike.

- riderx


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