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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Mother Nature Hates Me  //   Friday - April 27, 2007

Arggggggh! The damn April showers (heavy storms) have screwed the mega ride plans for today. Andy and I were slated to play hooky and head down to the George Washington National Forest for a day of epic riding, followed by some camping and then another ride Saturday morning. Heavy rains last night with predictions of thunderstorms for today deep sixed our plans. Traversing the high ridge line of the Massanutten mountains with rain, thunder and lightening is not something you really want to be doing, especially when bailouts are pretty much nonexistent. I feel like someone offered me a big mug of beer and suddenly told me the keg has been tapped. Now I'm trying to figure if it's worth the trip down on Saturday or if it's best to stay local and log a big ride here. Decisions, decisions.

Last call: Sunday April 29th is the Avalon trail work day, we will be doing a sizable reroute that could use plenty of muscle. Never built trail before? Now is you chance and it's more fun than simple maintenance. Come find out the how and why of modern trail construction. Plus, the SSO Factory Team's fine sponsor Clipper City Beer has provided us with a keg of a Belgian style Saisson for post work consumption. So we've got that going for us. Details and directions can be found here.

Last night I went to check out a photo exhibit by MTB lens master Al Santos. No bike photos in this one, just some really nice Native American photos that he is donating proceeds from the sales to the Native American College Fund. You can check his stuff at the Columbia Art Center in Columbia, MD until May 10th.

Today the local paper had an article on one of our other fine sponsors, The Bicycle Escape. Good to see them getting some press and it's just as good to see another article in the local paper about something cycle related.

- riderx

Random Stuff  //   Tuesday - April 24, 2007

For the locals:
The Bicycle Escape has some things going on for the upcoming Bike To Work Week that's happening in May. They'll be at the Carroll Creek Marc train station with a chance to win a Breezer folding bike. Ride you bike there and fill out the entry form. It's that simple. See their site for full details.

Lockwood must have been reading my mind when he wrote this post. Think about it.

At this point, I don't care if Landis is guilty because the system and process has been so screwed up that we'll never no the truth. Here's the latest. I'm convinced the only way they are going to get the process cleaned up is if he beats their charges, guilty or not. Here's a good article worth reading on doping and one expert's ideas on a different way of combating it.

Who wants to see Segways on the C&O Canal? Not me. Maybe one day I'll get around to writing that long essay on just why I dislike the idea of these things, but in the meantime I'll say this: Thereís already a low cost, pollution free alternative to walking and driving. Itís called the bicycle. Beware though, Dean Kamen and his cohorts continue to push legislation to let these devices ride places (like sidewalks) I'm sure most of us would rather not see. Then again, what do you expect from a guy who said "walking is a remnant of the Dark Ages, an unpleasant time-waster that technology needs to eradicate".

- riderx

Spring Fever  //   Monday - April 23, 2007

There is no doubt that spring is finally here. I base this on the following:
A) After putting it off for as long as possible I finally had to cut my lawn this weekend
B) After Saturday's many hours on the trail I've got a serious start to this year's cyclist's tan

If you were in MD this weekend and did not spend time on your bike, you missed some of the best spring weather you will probably see all year. Saturday saw Jay and I log a steady, long ride in the Watershed with temperatures trying to crack the 80 degree mark. No clouds, bright sunshine and except for one small section, bone dry trails. It was a good day on the bike and we finished the loop off with about 4 miles of climbing. The trees are still pretty bare with just tiny green buds starting sprout which probably accounts for my skin getting cooked a nice pink. Finished up the day sitting in the sunshine at the brewpub with some post ride beers.

Saturday I rode some Northern Montgomery County country roads and a bit of singletrack on the fixed gear. It was another fine day with more sunshine and temps well into the 80s. I made my way over to Germantown Cycles to meet up with Ricky d and check out the Jeff Lenowsky trials demo. It's cool to watch a rider with skills like that. He makes it look effortless. I took lots of pictures that you can see here.


- riderx


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