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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Another one bites the dust  //   Friday - May 12, 2006

A couple of weeks ago near the end of a ride at the Hoyles Mill trail, just after a massive stream crossing that was way over the hubs, my Kelly started making a funny, consistent noise. A clicking type noise that happened at the same point in my pedal stroke. With that info and the facts that I had just crossed a very deep stream twice in an hour and the BB was probably past it's normal life span for my riding, I diagnosed the problem as a bottom bracket gone bad. I parked the bike until I had time to deal with it and grabbed the trusty Surly 1x1 and continued my normal riding routine.

After a long solo ride in Gambrill and the Shed Saturday I noticed that familiar thump, thump, thump of a dented rim when I was engaging the rear brake on the trek home. When I got to the house it was easily confirmed and not that unexpected since I had recently noticed the rim had a significant concave to the brake surface. Having a back up bike is good, in fact I consider it necessary because of my riding obsession, something I'm sure many of you can relate to. Having both of your MTBs out of commission means only one thing: time to break out the wrenches. Unfortunately, half of my tools are still in a big box, un-dealt with since the move. Time to correct that.

So, not feeling like digging into a wheel build, I opt to tackle the Kelly's BB problem. Once I pull things apart I quickly realize the BB is actually OK but I've killed another crank arm. Missing tab: check. Broken tab: check. Tweaked chain ring: check. As the Trossinator would say: "another trophy". Strange location to bust those tabs, really in the most protected area they could be. Luckily I scrounge around and find an old XT arm hiding in the spare parts bin and locate a fairly worn but still usable Salsa chain ring in the proper size. Back in action I start to search for a replacement. Five arm, square taper cranks are hard to come by these days, but I'm sticking with them for as long as I can. A local has a beat up set of Race Face I'm picking up today, but if anyone has a line on some new stock stashed somewhere, drop me an email.

Here's a shout out to Philly endurance racer and fellow Race Face crank buster Elk who place 5th in the solo category at the 18 Hours of Fruita. Good job.

It's now official, tickets have been purchase, SSWC 06, here we come. Just need to work out some logistics now, but Sweden in the summer should sweet. Anyone know how to say 'beer' in Swedish?

- riderx

More Lodi props  //   Tuesday - May 9, 2006

More Lodi props are in order, specifically for the 3 person single speed winners. Spot rider Fat Marc has the ride report up from his winning team which consisted of himself, one of the IF Chicks and a 12 year old hot rod named Jeb. Look out for this kid, he sounds fast and dangerous. Single speedings future appears bright.

The race report is broken into a few posts, so make sure you read it all. Good job boys and girls.

- riderx

Got Bike?  //   Monday - May 8, 2006

The Bicycle Film Festival is happening this week, check the link for details. Tickets can be purchased here. Screenings in NYC, Chicago, LA, SF, Toyko, Milano, and London. Hmmm, nothing happening in DC/Baltimore/Philly/Frederick (OK, I know that last one would be a stretch). Where's the love for the Mid-Atlantic? We need to fix that for next year.

Big congrats go out to Rickyd who took the top spot in the solo single speed class at 12 Hours of Lodi this weekend. First the SS Punk Bike Victory, now this. Will he be unstoppable this year?!

Also deserving of high praise is the ladies SS PBE winner Becky, who took second place in the women's solo category at Lodi.

- riderx


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