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Calling All Artists  //   Wednesday - May 11, 2005

The Columbia Art Center will be presenting a national juried art exhibition titled BIKE. So if you've got something bike related, check out all of the submission details and send your stuff in. Entries are due by July 22, 2005. The exhibition will be sponsored by the Bike Doctor of Linthicum (who happens to be real close to the Avalon Park and Ride in case you find yourself needing last minute bike bits).

Even if you've got nothing to submit, make sure to check things out when it all gets pulled together. The gallery is in Columbia, MD and the exhibit will take place October 20 - November 20, 2005 with a reception on October 29th.

For full submission details see these PDF files:
Submission Info 1
Submission Info 2

- riderx

It's all about the ride  //   Monday - May 9, 2005

"That was the best ride so far this year" So said both Paul and Mark after a scorching run this week that had tongues hanging from smiling faces. It was a blast for sure, but having just come back from the mountains of Douthat, I couldn't quite put that stamp on it myself. Regardless, it was a fine evening with warm temps and dry trails. I had promised to continue turning up the volume on the mid-week ride and this one had the speakers vibrating. Less stops, faster pace, more miles. We started with 6 and finished with 4. One lost cleat and a drop out to the slower group meant the second half of the ride may have even been faster than the first. When it was all over my injured ribs felt like I had taken another spill on them. Not the case, simply launching jumps and riding over every log that was remotely in my way was enough to cap off all the stresses from climbing. No matter, it was worth. What's a little pain when the ride is so damn good?

Thursday saw the pace mellow out but the fun stay intact as Julie and I scoped out a loop in the Fairland regional park. The intention is to do this as a mellow Thursday ride and invite some new riders out. Made it through without any wrong turns and I think I hit pretty much all of the good stuff. Julie's coming along good, showing steady improvement in both skills and endurance and really enjoying being on the bike. Fairland is a fun little series of rolling trails with a small section that has a few hills. Great for taking out first timers, so if you are near Burtonsville go check it out.

Saturday was the first crack this year at the Tour de Raven. Only Jay and I wound up making it as a couple of others either bailed or couldn't make it. Did the loop counter-clockwise starting at Seminary road. Never have done it like this but it worked out good. Seventy degrees and sunny, perfect conditions. Torn through the waterside singletrack to start, on to some more ST and winding our way out to the luge to put us at the bottom of the lower dam. Cross the river and over to the eastern side for lots more good riding before a slight monkey wrench. Seems as we were bombing a long downhill to finish this section I dropped Jay. Thought he was right on my tail, passed a couple of trail splits but figured I was in his sights or he would follow the main line. Neither happened and after waiting at the bottom for a bit I figured he took one of the splits or had flatted. So I headed back up the trail and took one of the other forks. No luck. Poked around the road down to where I had originally come up. Bad news again. Climbed back up to where I had last seen him. No mechanicals, no sign. Decided to head out and continue the ride figuring he may already be ahead of me now.

Spun out a long stretch of road that connects the next section of trail. Kept looking behind and ahead for other riders. Eventually I see one behind me as the road stretches out nice and straight. Pull over and wait but it's not him. Finally get up near the other trailhead and spot Kevin and Ken finishing up their own ride. No sign of Jay so I talk to the boys and start on my sandwich, debating whether to wait or move on. If Jay is ahead of me his gap will grow if I sit here. If he's behind and I take off, my gap grows. Halfway through the food he comes rolling up the road. After a brief lunch break we are off again with some of the bigger climbs ahead of us. In the end we are both feeling strong, putting in steady miles. We add some bonus mileage doing both Chicken Wire and the shoreline singletrack. It's usually one or the other on this loop, but I've found a nice way to have your cake and eat it too without doubling up on any trail. After that it's a few miles of road to the car and back home for some well earned homebrew. Forty plus miles of springtime goodness with no flats or mechanicals, that's what I like.

- riderx


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