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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

A Little of This, a Little of That  //   Saturday - May 15, 2004

A little catching up and filling in.

The Panaracer Fire FR 2.4 has been living on the rear of the 1x1 for about 2 weeks now. Initial impressions are good. Definitely noticed it rolls slower than the WTB Motoraptor 2.4 that it replaced, enough that I really felt it the first ride. This sucker is big too, much bigger than the Motoraptor 2.4 which still resides on the front. For the first time I'm running a setup that has the wider tire in the rear. No negative results to report so far, but psychologically I'm still trying to come to grips with it.

In a bid to keep the flow more flowing and the riders on both ends of the speed bell curve happy, we've split out the Wednesday night ride into two groups. With 14 riders showing this week it worked great, as we had an even divide of 7 each. I'm leading the fast group and there will probably be a rotating roster leading the other group. It was sweet as I got to turn up the rpm's and the volume of the ride. A few people may have wanted to hang me by the finish when they were already in the pain cave and I threw in an unexpected climb at the end. Just remember, it's like your Momma said about eating your veggies: it's good for you.

In other news: Monday I took my wife for her first MTB ride. After years of not having any interest in venturing beyond the dirt of rail trails, she decided she wanted to give the trails a whirl. So, a set of knobbies is installed and away we go. She did great and hopefully she'll like, but if not there are no worries here. I've heard enough horror stories of guys trying to get their girls to ride to know that you can't force someone to have the passion for cycling you do. What I would never want to do is make her hate biking of any type because I'm a zealot and wanted her to be the next Marla Streb.

And lastly, looks like I'm filling the 4th slot in a team for the 24 Hours of Snowshoe - rigid and single category, 'natch - should be fun. No team name yet, just one of many things to do.

Well, my coffee's gone, time to ride.

- riderx

Bicycle Film Festival  //   Friday - May 14, 2004

If you are in NYC this weekend, check out the Bicycle Film Festival, celebrating all types of those two wheeled vehicles we love.

Looks like a good time for sure.

- riderx

ECSSCU  //   Wednesday - May 12, 2004

It's getting close, May 30th is the East Coast Single Speed Championship of the Universe part Deux. Registration will take place on the 29th. Bikes, Beer and food plus a great time in beautiful State College, PA. Where the climbs are long and the trails are tough.

Be there.

Further details can be obtained from eric AT mtnittanywheelworks DOT com

- riderx

Rock and Roll Outlaw  //   Monday - May 10, 2004

With a quarter inch of rainfall in a short amount of time Saturday night, I almost skipped the trail and hit the road. I decided to poke into the trailhead and check the situation. I was rewarded with tacky conditions and nothing that warranted staying off the trail. Things were warm and sunny, the woods are exploding with green, and I knocked out a long, steady ride solo. It was good to keep cranking along, not having to wait at intersections and making my route choices based on whatever struck my fancy. Sometimes that's just not possible on the group rides.

Nighttime saw us heading to DC to catch "An Evening with Clutch" at the 930 Club. Two sets of an hour each plus an encore. Yeah! They rolled out the rock, pulled heavily from the new album "Blast Tyrant" and dug deep in the catalog for songs like "Impetus" and "Rock & Roll Outlaw". It was loud, heavy and tight, just the way it should be. Check the tour schedule for a date near you - DON'T MISS IT!

"Uncle Joe, can I bring my bike over to ride". That's my wake up call Sunday morning, with only a few hours of sleep under my belt. But hey, I can excuse a 7 year olds enthusiasm for his bike. I can sleep when I'm dead, eh?

The afternoon sees me take my nephew out to the local trail. With a few words of instruction and some warning about over-using the brakes in loose conditions I watch him bomb down the steep little hill that starts the trail, mildly out of control, looking like a small stump is going to take him out. He recovers, shoots across a washout and manages to stay upright to continue on as things get easier. He's super excited at the prospect of the deep stream crossings I've described and blasts through them quite well. I hit a few small jumps with him behind me to get him stoked. He digs it. The concept of switching gears at the appropriate time is something he still needs to work on, but with some practice it should come around quickly. He flies over roots and rocks and manages no wrecks other than tipping over once and not being able to get up. He does well on the climb out, only having to push a little bit. He's hot and exhausted when we finish but had a great time. Very cool.

- riderx


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