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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Hit the Stage  //   Saturday - May 29, 2004

It was just a couple of months ago we were riding in snow. The last stage race we did was the 2004 Single Speed Punk Bike Enduro, seen here. In a short bit I'll be heading out to a similar format for the wordily titled East Coast North American Single Speed Championship of the Universe. No snow, forecast is for sunshine and the mid-70s. Things are looking good. Switched up some rubber on the 1x1, moved the Panaracer Fire FR 2.4 to the front and put a Kenda Nevegal 2.35 on the rear. What better place to test out this fat tire setup than the rocky goodness of State College?

- riderx

Ticket To Ride  //   Thursday - May 27, 2004

I managed to fly standby and get the first flight out of SLC on Wednesday morning instead of the afternoon one I was booked on that would have had me home around 11pm. So, this got me back in time for the Wednesday night ride. Lots of rain while I was gone, so we had to hit the road. Knocked out 25 on the fixed and I'm back home with a smile on my face.

Newest Rivendell update hit the email box last night. You can now get the one speed hubs they built the Quickbeam with. These are spec-ed for them, Suzue 120mm double-sided freewheel with a quick release. And speaking of the Quickbeam, they have some now available as an unbuilt frame for $900. No mention if that includes the fork, but I suspect it does. Contact them direct to verify. As with all of their bikes and frames, limited quantities.

- riderx

Last Call  //   Wednesday - May 26, 2004

Don't forget, the East Coast Single Speed Championship of the Universe part Deux is this weekend. Click here if you need the skinny.

- riderx

Rock is dead. Long live rock.  //   Wednesday - May 26, 2004

It may just be the end of the world as we know it. I picked up the Salt Lake City Weekly and saw an ad for Styx/Peter Frampton with "special guests" Nelson. Is this a sick joke?

- riderx

Beer Can Save the World  //   Tuesday - May 25, 2004

I sit here typing this from Salt Lake City, looking at these big beautiful mountains and don't even have a bike with me. Isn't that a kick in the nuts?

Anyone who has spent even a small amount of time pedaling on the road knows it's only a matter of time before you get a bad vibe or worse from some motorist who doesn't think you warrant inclusion on the tarmac. It's usually a horn or some verbal heckling followed by the bird but other times things get physical. We've all seen the stories, heard the news reports or actually experienced it. The point is, you have to wonder just what it is that gets these people so fired up.

When the exact opposite happens, you stop and wonder, is it all as simple as beer? On Saturday I decided to take back the empty 1/4 keg of Dunkle from Ellicott Mills Brewing. The brewpub is about 7 miles away, so I strapped that big silver cylinder on the back of the one speed utility bike and into the sweltering heat I went. It looked like some futuristic bike conceived in the '50s with an afterburner for the times when top speed is needed. The effect of traveling with this thing was a social experiment I could never have planned for. Yeah, I got honked at a few times, but it was followed by a pumped fist in the air or a shout out of support, no negative vibes here. A pair of Harleys pace me for a bit on a big downhill, the lead rider and the honey in the rear give me big smiles and the thumbs up. Fellow cyclists cheer me on and I get more points, stares and smiles from passing motorists than I could ever imagine. It was like a magic moment for cycling where people actually appreciated you were traveling by human power.

Beer, the great uniter.

Of course, on the way back, keg dropped off, I get no cheers of support, no waves or thumbs up. But no bad vibes either, so that's cool with me. Some how the coil lock I've got tucked in the netting on the rack is lost. I notice this about a mile from home. I switch bikes with the fixed gear and double back in search of it. It's gone, less than an hour total time since I could have dropped it on the route. What the hell is someone going to do with a lock they don't have a key for?

I round out the day by breaking the kayak for the first time this year. Despite the burning sun and the slow moving river it's a great time. The vegetation has really bloomed and it's really cool to be seeing things from river level instead of up on the hills of the trail or down by the banks. Same place, different perspective for sure.

And from the new of the weird department: President Bush falls while mountain biking and gets a few cuts and scrapes. But I must ask, what was he doing wearing a mouth guard?

- riderx


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