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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Loch Raven Trail Work  //   Saturday - June 11, 2005

Mark you calendars lovers of the northern Baltimore mountain bike trails, the next MAMBO trail work day is coming up. The current plan is to meet at Seminary and Dulaney Valley at 8:30am on Saturday, June 25th. Stayed tuned to the MAMBO schedule for any last minute changes.

It's Saturday, local trails are wet, so we'll be mounting up the fixed gears and heading off to Honfest shortly for some beer, food and bands.

- riderx

Off Road To Athens  //   Thursday - June 9, 2005

Who can get Off Road To Athens booked in Baltimore? I know there has to be somebody out there, we have some cool film festivals here. If you or someone you know can do it, click that link above because they are looking for places to show the film. And really, I'm just being selfish here, if it hasn't come to your town and you can make it happen, start the wheels turning. Looks to be a cool MTB film about the pros trying to earn their way to the Olympics. I suspect the only downside of the film is no single speeds...

Great ride last night. We had over an inch of rain Monday night but we stuck to the trails that drain fast and things were A-OK. And for the first time in a while we had a 100% single speed contingent on the fast ride. Spotted some nice looking Pepto pink SS out on the trails, but didn't get an ID since we were rolling.

The Surly 1x1 and it's 26" wheels felt good although she is in need of some TLC since, like all of my bikes, she tends to get ridden hard and put away wet. The biggest thing to adapt to were the handle bars. The swept back position of the Jones Bars just feels so right. They used to live on the Surly but have moved to the Kelly. So the Surly is back to a pair of wide risers. Even with a large amount of sweep they feel flat as a straight piece of plumbing pipe.

- riderx

A Little Sample  //   Wednesday - June 8, 2005

I know plenty of people are wondering just what the trails like are up in State College, wondering what the SSWC05 holds in store for them. I'll say this, you'll leave with a smile on your face and pain in your legs - and maybe elsewhere if you haven't been sharpening those technical skills.

this picture is from last year's East Coast North American Single Speed Championship of the Universe (end of stage 1 for those who went). If I read the course map right, this will be on the SSWC course but run in the opposite direction. Don't worry, the whole course isn't like this, but if you are used to smooth as a baby's butt dirt I highly suggest seeking out some technical challenges to get any rusty skills honed back up. You will need them.

- riderx

Get Ready To Rock  //   Tuesday - June 7, 2005

The Single Speed World Championships are a bit over two months away. Last weeks registration filled the 400 slots in a mind-boggling 5 hours. When online registration opened up at, the servers quickly ground to a halt. A quick scan of the roster shows a ton of Mid-Atlantic riders will be making the trek to State College, along with a few big recognizable names. If you didn't make it in, the race organizers are having a waiting list to recycle entries of people who signed up but then will not be able to show for whatever reason. So email them and get on that list if you didn't make it last week. If you've never ridden the trails up there be prepared for a lot of climbing and a lot of rocks. It isn't the place for skinny 1.7" tires. The crew at Mt. Nittany Wheelworks promise a good event so start your training regiment of lots of riding, lots of beer drinking and sharpen those go-cart skills. Hope to see you there.

Too many rides lately to catalog them all here, but up until Sunday the weather has been pretty good. Now it appears to be payback time. Sunday the air was thick with humidity and hot for another Gambrill/Watershed epic. Seven riders started, four finished the whole thing. Another 7 hour day in the saddle. Good training for the above mentioned SSWC05. The "no flats or mechanicals on the epic rides" streak was broken right out of the gate and continued through the ride.

The Kelly is packed and getting ready to be shipped to CO. A few of us are heading to Crested Butte and Fruita in less than 2 weeks for some tasty trails and camping. I've been riding the 29er exclusively for the last couple of months. New bike syndrome, the Surly 1x1 needed some work, etc., so it will be interesting to go back to the 26" wheels and see if I notice a big difference. Personally I love the way both bikes ride and think they both have a place in my stable.

- riderx


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