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Harlot Wear

Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Rain Dogs  //   Friday - September 17, 2004

The curse of the Wednesday rain continues. Last week it rained most of the morning, but was pretty light and we had lots of dry weather proceeding it, so at the last minute we decided to gamble and hit the trail. Did a new secret stash loop so we could do a 50/50 day and night ride without issues from the man. Worked out pretty well and the trails held up, just a bit of slimey stuff on top of hardpack that gave you a nice spray of brown and grey mud.

Wound up be just 3 of us on the ride which was fine since I was still hashing out the loop a bit. It's a fun piece of trail we don't ride much because it can stay muddy for extended periods due to the soil composition and the fact that there's a lot of horse traffic on it churning things up.

This Wednesday it rains again, dropping about a 1/4 inch of rain during the day so we decide not to ride trail. It was hard to gauge if the trails would be cool or not so we decided to hit the road. A fine mist alternated with a light rain through the ride but the fixed gear excels in these conditions, giving you plenty of traction on the wet pavement. As we jump on to a bike trail that circles the airport I'm looking to my left , scanning for a pair of emu that someone keeps on their wooded property, when a squirrel leaps off a sappling and grazes the headtube of my bike as he flys in front of me. Bizzare.

More rain on the way as Hurricane Ivan does it's thing. The forecast isn't looking good for the weekend, especially not Saturday. Holding out hope that things change and the Hampden Fest doesn't get poured on. Lots of music I want to see. Plus it's free and Brewer's Art will be serving up their fine libations.

- riderx

Cancelled  //   Thursday - September 16, 2004

Due to a shortage of entries, the local Eco-challenge event scheduled for Patapsco has been cancelled. There's talk of another attempt at a later date, so stay tuned.

- riderx

GnomeFest  //   Wednesday - September 15, 2004

Don't forget GnomeFest is Sept. 24 - 26th. Single speeding, beer drinking fools gathering up to do some trail riding in Wisconsin.

- riderx

Freeze Frame  //   Tuesday - September 14, 2004

At right, Rally Master and all around good guy Les takes on the trials course at Saturday's single speed rally.

For an unbelievable volume of photos from the One Gear and Good Beer event, check ace photographer Joe Foley's site. Nearly 400 snaps of hot rally action for your enjoyment.

- riderx

Philadelphia Freedom  //   Monday - September 13, 2004

As usual the Philly One Gear and Good Beer rally was a great time. Due to some interlopers having a foot race that crossed the rally course the format was rearranged a bit. Usually the second of three events, the Jack Ass trials was moved to the starting slot this year. Always a crowd favorite as there are plenty of spectacular wrecks.

By the time this finished the rally course was mostly clear and we proceeded to hit up a few laps of the tight and twisty singletrack with mandatory beer stops in between in the Tunnel of Love.

Sufficiently lubed with alcohol, the riders moved out of the woods and into the field for the third and final event - the uphill log pull. Another crowd pleaser with lots of grunting and groaning, a few spills and a folded chainring and a saddle ripped off it's rails as bike part casualties.

Pictured above is this years Rally King and fashion expert taking on the trials course.

- riderx


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