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Harlot Wear

Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Click Here  //   Tuesday - September 20, 2005

Check out this ride.

Got Art? Local photographers/mountain bikers Maili and Jason curated a show that is having it's artist exhibition this Saturday. Details can be found here. I also know ace snapper and two wheel crankster Joe Foley has one of his works in there, so check it out.

Badger Cycles is raffling off a custom frame with proceeds going to the Zeke fund. Want a chance? Click here.

- riderx

The Daily Wrap  //   Monday - September 19, 2005

Word is that our friend Zeke is out of the ICU and in a regular hospital room. Recovering slowly but surely. Still has some issues like short-term memory that isn't up to par, but apparently that is normal for this type of injury and hopefully it will get back to normal. Glad I was wearing my lid when I took my spill yesterday. Some days on the short townie jaunts I'll let the wind blow through my hair minus the helmet. It feels good but I'm thinking those days should be over for me after hearing about extended ICU stays and such. On another note, A few fund raisers have been going off and $$$ are getting collected. Cyclists rock when it comes to pulling together for one of their own. If you haven't thrown some coins in the collection plate and you can spare it, do it.

Got the fixed gear road bike back up and running, so I'm a happy camper. Moustache bars don't show up used to often, but I spotted a pair a few months ago and grabbed them. Was thinking about unloading them recently since I didn't have a bike to put them on and didn't see adding to the quiver anytime soon. Lucky for me I didn't do that so I could slap them right on the Cross-check and get her back in action.

Locals: Stolen Bike Alert. DC and Balto. riders keep an eye out for some stolen single speeds (and a little girl's Hot Rock), some scumbag nabbed them in Germantown, MD. Pictures can be seen here.

Get your rock on: Clutch will be blasting out two sets of their signature heavy rock on Friday in Baltimore at Sonar - I'll be there, will you? Saturday is Southern Culture on the Skids at the 8 X 10 (also at 930 Club Friday night with the World Famous Pontani Sisters, but you'd have to miss Clutch to catch that one). Fried Chicken and gasoline baby. And Saturday also has a huge line-up for a free concert in DC dubbed Operation Cease Fire.

Loch Raven Reservoir Cleanup Day
When: Sunday, Oct. 9, 2005 12 noon - 4 pm, Shuttle leaves for cleanup site at 12:30
Where: Meet at Warren Elementary School, 900 Bosley Rd. Cockeysville, MD 21030
What: Participants will clean up a section of the Loch Raven Reservoir (Free Pizza Afterwards!)
Details: Wear sunscreen, insect repellent, work gloves, tough shoes/boots (tall fishing boots if you have them!)
More info: call (410) 683-3144 or Email:

- riderx

Ouch  //   Monday - September 19, 2005

Always tough coming back to the real world after vacation. And this was a non-cycling vacation, hard to believe but true. Arrived home to finish rebuilding my rear wheel for the road fixed gear, new bearings, freshly lubed chain and I'm off. Decided to spin a relatively flat route to get warmed up, down into the park, along the river, just rolling hills then a little singletrack shortcut with some hike-a-bike to put me closer to the real hills of Ellicott City. Still following the river, tires humming on the pavement, warm sunshine of the fall day beating down, listening to a Ben Harper mix on my new Walkman (no, not the one your remember as a kid), only one ear plugged in so I can still hear what's happening around me. Into the historic district and start to climb out of the valley, legs feel surprisingly good for the time off I've had. Grunt up the steeps and head out to check a link for a ride I have planned this weekend. Busy highway, then back into another section of Patapsco State park, head for the road leading to their campground. Gated off at the entrance so I swing towards the exit that has a speed bump type device that allows cars out but not ones in, the sort of device that won't allow you to back up, metal that prevents the unwanted from access. One is either gone or bent down, the width of a car tire and I opt to slip through this, slow my speed, the speed bump portion is big, bulky and not smooth. Still eyeing up my line, hesitating as I decide the speed to take it, not thinking much of the it though, just want to make sure this part of the device is truly disabled and does not have any tire flattening pieces intact. Front wheel over the hump, not sure what happens next, not sure what stupid mistake I have made, this should all be routine but instead I'm over the bars, skidding on pavement, roll and back on my feet in an instant. Rang my bell it did, quick assessment and I haven't lost much skin (surprising). Shake my head, wonder what the hell just happened, remount and the bars feel weird, stop and check them out figuring I've twisted the stem, then realize I've bent the suckers pretty bad. Seat is trashed too, completely bent so the left butt cheek sits several inches low. Fun, I'm at almost the furthest point of my loop, no shortcuts back, plenty of steep climbs and descents to get home. Well over 10 miles of riding with bent bars and a screwed seat. Welcome back to the bike chump.

- riderx


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