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Harlot Wear

Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

It Gives You Wings  //   Friday - September 24, 2004

I posted a few more pictures from Sunday's Red Bull event over at MTB Journal. Check them out. Or don't.

- riderx

Thanks For Nothing  //   Wednesday - September 22, 2004

Customer service and information. That's all I'm asking for. Prior to the Bic pen news of late, I was looking for a new heavy duty lock to replace the generic U-lock I have that's about 12 years old. Fortunately I hadn't purchased one yet but decided I'd avoid the cylinder style key now that any street urchin with access to an office supply store can be armed with a lock pick. So, I started eyeing up the super tough looking, flat key OnGuard products.

Now, in this day of information flow, it would seem pretty reasonable for a company to provide you with the locations you can purchase their product. Lots of web sites do it. Punch in your Country and/or state/zip code and shizam - location provided. Well, the folks at OnGuard didn't have this, but they did have email contact. But the person on the other end was not too helpful. See the exchange below:

-----Original Message-----
From: Potential Customer Who Wants to Buy Your Product
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 2:36 PM
Subject: Dealer locator

I'm trying to locate OnGuard dealers in Maryland. Can you send me a
list? It would be a great item to have on the web site.


One Speed Bikes. Beer. Music.

-----Customer Service Response-----
chris wrote:

Your best bet would be to look I (sic) the yellow pages.
Most dealers carry our products and they all can
special order Topeak.

You are kidding, right? At a time when the cycling world is pissed at Kryptonite (ed note: it's not just Kryptonite that has this problem but not everyone seems to get that), probably your biggest competitor, you send me to the yellow pages and tell me almost anyone can special order? This is your opportunity dumb ass! I don't want to special order, I want to walk in and buy a lock. Are you going to tell me you don't even know who your dealers are? Moron. Maybe I'll just buy a flat key Kryptonite.

- riderx

SSWC 2005 Press Release  //   Monday - September 20, 2004

This just in:

From:Eric Roman
Promoter of the largest Single Speed Party in 2005

SSWC 2005 Headquarters
Sept. 16, 2004
State College, PA

The Single Speed World Championships for 2005 will be
held in State College, PA on August 20th & 21st. This
year will mark the first ever visit to the East for
the SSWC and promises to offer a challenging course in
the East Coast tradition. Racers can expect
challenging climbs, rock strewn ridges, and fast,
tricky descents.

As usual, the event will focus around the main event
(25+ mile single loop) designed by local single
speeders to highlight the finest trails available.
Back from past years will be the Derby to help decide
the location for 2006- be ready to throw down. Men’s
and women’s titles will be decided on the now infamous
Go-Cart track (from the East Coast Single Speed
Championship of the Universe)- racers will have to
qualify for the opportunity to battle in the cars,
eliminating “Pro” racers from an easy day of it.

We would also like to offer any professional bike
racer under suspension for illegal drugs by the UCI
free entrance into the event. Yup, we know your pain
and would like to offer the rare chance to attain a
World Title while under suspension. In fact, let us
know your favorite drugs and we just might be able to
have some waiting. Also, Jan Ulrich- patron saint of
single speeding. With that grinding single speed
climbing style, watching you push those gears brings a
tear to our beer for you, my friend. You
are our hero and a true single speeder at heart.

More info as it develops: SSWC05 HQ

- riderx

Storm Stories  //   Monday - September 20, 2004

The bitter pieces of Hurricane Ivan came in Friday and rained on us all night and halfway through Saturday washing out any hope of hitting the local trails. Luckily, there was plenty on tap in Baltimore for the weekend.

Saturday was the Hampdenfest where you can get a real feel for the Baltimore John Waters loves. By midday the rain cleared out and kept the crowds to a manageable level. Lots of free music like bass/drums/screamer punk trio Double Dagger, DC's the Apes and garage rockers the Fleshtones just to name a few. Ran into quite a few riders and we drank the fine Brewer's Art nectar.

Sunday the Red Bull Battle urban freeride event landed at the Inner Harbor downtown. I jumped on the fixed gear and pedaled on down to take pictures of the action. Lots of talent present and some big moves were pulled. Major props to the crew that worked all night to put the course together. It was a sweet set up with lots of good lines using natural features. Quite a few riders, like the guy pictured doing the 360, were rocking the single speeds.

- riderx


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