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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

So You Like Big Tires?  //   Thursday - September 30, 2004

Surly has always labelled the 1x1 and Crosscheck frames as "Fatties Fit Fine", but they are taking things to a new extreme. Meet Pugsley.

- riderx

SS Happenings  //   Tuesday - September 28, 2004

Lots of stuff going on, so break out the single speeds and get pedalling.

First up, if you are going to be in the DC area this weekend make sure you hit up the Vuelta de NoVa mountain bike/road bike underground stage race. Rescheduled from a couple of week's ago when one of the hurricanes put things off. Bikes and beer will make it a good time for sure. Visit the Pedal Shop's message board and you should be able to dig up some details or contact info.

Next up, On November 21st The Highland Park Cyclocross Race in New Jersey will be featuring the SPOT BRAND "For Cousin MO" Single Speed Subclass. Race a single speed in any of the amateur classes and get a shot at SPOT Brand single speed prizes. Details can be found at

Also on the cyclocross front and also seeing Spot support the FSVS race at Blue Diamond Park (10/16) in New Castle, DE and the Wooden Wheels Granogue Cross Race in Montechain (10/23), both have single speed classes. You can get signed up through

And last, but certainly not least, a few tough guys will be going for broke in Death Valley. I'll just post all the details as they were sent to me:

Fixed Gear Cyclists Challenge World's Toughest Weekend Bicycle Race

Furnace Creek 508, a non-stop 508 mile bicycle race from Santa Clarita
to Twenty Nine Palms via California's Death Valley and Mojave Desert,
is the world's premiere weekend ultramarathon bicycle race. Produced by
AdventureCOPRS since 1990, but founded in 1983 by John Marino, the
October 16-18 2004 edition celebrates the 21st anniversary, and 30th
edition, of this incredible race. New for 2004, three hardy endurance
cyclists will challenge the brand new Fixed Gear Division at this world
famous bicycle race. They'll tackle the entire event with just one gear
and no coasting, as well as traditional steel frames, standard 32 spoke
wheels, and no aero handlebars.

Furnace Creek 508 is revered the world over for its epic mountain
climbs totalling over 30,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain, stark
desert scenery, desolate roads, and a reputation as one of the toughest
but most gratifying endurance challenges available, bar none. Known as
"The Toughest 48 Hours in Sport," Furnace Creek 508 is "Where the West
is Won!" The fixed gear racers in the 2004 race will be blazing their
way into the history books at this venerable event. They are:

Jeff Parrot Bauer, 44, Nashville, TN, 508 Rookie
Sam Seal Beal, 52, Mountain View, CA, 508 Veteran
Barley Boar Forsman, 33, San Rafael, CA, 508 Rookie

Here's a detailed profile and photo of each:

Here are the rules and a collection of info about fixed gear cycling:

Be sure to visit the website throughout October 16-18 to check out the
webcast and see how they are doing!

One word: WOW!

- riderx

Stick A Fork In It  //   Monday - September 27, 2004

The West Side Fixed 50 is done, put to bed on Saturday. Fifty miles of fixed gear asphalt riding diving in and out of the Patapsco river valley and it's tributaries to insure plenty of deep and steep hills. A grand total of 11 riders were in force to test our mettle against the roads of Baltimore and Howard counties. Two riders were on their first fixed gear rides and I'm happy to say there were no accidents or injuries. Everyone finished the whole 50 and there was only one hill steep enough to beat a couple of riders. Next time boys, she's a tough nut to crack. That's not to say that was the only steep hill. Far from it, the first 20 or so miles was slow grunting up hills followed by legs flailing like egg-beaters on the way down. Punishing stuff before the climbs mellowed somewhat, but they never disappear. This isn't the Mid-west chitlins. Three quarters of the way through we hit up the tasty goodness of Frisco Burrito for some fresh-Mex and beers. The pints and burritos must have had magical properties because the last stretch saw some amped up sprints and break-aways as we burned out the last miles. A bright, sun-shiney day on top of it. Yeah.

- riderx


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