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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

The Local Shiz  //   Friday - October 14, 2005

Lots of rain around here lately keeping us off the trails. No matter, 5 of us showed up for the Wednesday ride for some fixed gear asphalt action and headed downtown to sample the release of the Mad Bishop Oktoberfest at DuClaw Brewing. Good beers and good food made the rainy ride home not so bad.

Dig out your shovels and mark your calendar, it's time to pay your dues. The first Patapsco trail work day of the fall is Sunday, October 23rd. We'll be bench-cutting new trail to finish a project started in the spring. Work starts at 9:30 AM at the Avalon pavilions. Contact info and details are here. Weather permitting there will be riding afterwards.

Famous, not so famous and infamous artists will have bicycle related works displayed at the super cool juried art exhibit called BIKE in Columbia, MD. Starts October 20th and runs through November 20th. I, along with a few other local riders, have a few photos in it. The artist reception is October 29th and I'll be organizing a ride to it so drop a line if you want the details once it's been fleshed out. Info about the exhibit can be found here.

- riderx

SSWC06  //   Monday - October 10, 2005

Where are the Single Speed World Championships going to be held next year? If you play your cards right they could be in your home town. Step right up, make your bid, the Surly boys are in control and looking for location. It's your chance to show off your trails and be a hero for a few days. What am I talking aout? Read on:

Singlespeed World Championships could be coming to your town in 2006. If you think your trails rival some of the best in the world, your town can accomodate up to 700 bike freaks, there is an airport within a reasonable distance and you have organized some sort of bike event in the past, this is your chance.

Why does Surly get to decide where it is in 2006? You have to go back to the first (official) SSWC in 1999 held in California. To determine where it was to be held for the following year, the winner of the derby got to decide on the location. Since the Minneapolis Mafia cleaned up on the skimpy array of challengers that year, it was then held in Minneapolis in 2000.

After a few years of some random committee chosing where it would be rather than having the derby decide it, the SSWC 2005 organizers smartly brought back the derby to decide itís location. Since we Surly slugs were the last people still upright on 2 of 3 derby rounds, itís our choice. If you donít like it, you shouldíve been there to knock Skip Bernet and myself off our bikes.

In trying to be fair to everybody and not have Minneapolis be the host city again, weíre asking you to submit a proposal to host it in 2006. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think twice about this before replying. Some of the things to consider are:

∑ Your staff/friends/volunteers/drinking buddies must commit to many hours of unpaid work to organize this event.

∑ The host city must be able to accomodate up to 700 participants with hotels, camping, restaurants, bars and lawyers within a reasonable distance from an airport. Ideally, the trails would be nearby.

∑ The trails in your area must not only be kickass, but you must get approval from local government and/or land owners to hold this event on the property. Special permits may be required and you may have to kiss some serious forest department butt to make it happen.

∑ Youíll have to round up some volunteers to help with everything from course marshalling, to porta-toilet aqcuisitions, to being the last person to ride the course and pick up some chumpís GU packet and look for mangled bodies.

∑ Donít forget about having emergency medical services present.

∑ This is the WORLD championships, so any country is welcome to host.
SSWC2005 was in the USA, so letís try to get this thing somewhere else next year.

∑ Please see SSWC05 for an idea of what the SSWC06 website should entail. The online registration with prepay only seemed to work quite well also.

What you get out of this experience is being the most popular person in town for a whole weekend. Your town will get to showcase all the trails youíre so proud of by having people from all over the world embark upon your backyard. I think I speak for everyone by saying it better be somewhere cool, because I donít want to buy a plane ticket across the pond for some lame dirtroads.You are not in this for the money, youíre in it for the glory. What do you say?

Send me a serious proposal for hosting SSWC06 by October 31st, 2005 to Also, sending me a random ďdo it in Jamaica, manĒ will automatically disqualify your town. Please be serious, weíre too busy to handle extra insignificant e-mails. Canít wait to hear from you.

Originally posted on the Surly Blog.

We got about 9 inches of rain in around 36 hours starting Friday. I'm sure you can guess the amount of trail riding I got in this weekend...

Former local and now New Mexico resident Tim has started a blog, iHeartSingleSpeed, so go check it out. And I can assure you it is not related to that failed magazine I Heart Bikes that took our money and ran. Anybody ever find out what happened to those guys? I hope those dirtbags at least enjoyed a few pints on our subscription fees.

- riderx


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