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Bad Moon Rising  //   Friday - October 29, 2004

The Wednesday night ride was near perfect. The temperature was just right, nice fall weather that worked well with a long sleeve and shorts. We did something unusual and headed north to Loch Raven. That means fighting some serious traffic and this time it was worse than usual. I tried to temper my road rage with thoughts of sweet singletrack.

The trails were nice and dry, fast and twisty. The moon was big and reflecting off of the water and made things just right. About the only thing that would have made better would have been the ability to just keep rolling and flowing without stopping. But a group ride, especially at night, isn't going to allow that to happen. That's OK and I'm not complaining, just pondering, because there was plenty of rolling and flowing going on, whipping through the tight trees. Yet another test for the Kelly 29er and she handled really fine. Not just acceptable, but sweet.

Looks like warm weather is moving in for the weekend, time to ride bikes and brew beer.

- riderx

Full Moon Fever  //   Wednesday - October 27, 2004

Wow, busy weekend, feel like I'm just coming up for air. Friday night saw Mike Watt captain the boat into the Black Cat where he played his new album front to back. Full of emotion, he leaves it all on the stage. His band was tight w/ Jerry on the keyboards (the man can play and sing) and new fill-in drummer Raul who did a great job. The songs are a bit different than his past stuff, maybe a bit hard for some to grasp. Butch termed it avant garde and that might be an accurate description. Good stuff none the less. Then a quick encore consisting of covers of Dylan, the Minutemen and CCR. I wanted more but you take what you can get. Chapel Hill openers The Coma did some nice work too, so check them out if you have a chance.

Saturday morning saw me pop bright and early with little sleep in the tank so I could catch a ride w/ Mark out at McKeldin, a part of Patapsco that we don't hit much. Overall the trails were in good shape but once you cross the river into horse country things get soft and bumpy from the hoof churning.

With a fresh trail buzz I moved on to my friends house up the road so we could fabricate some new brewing equipment. Doing 20 gallons of beer at a time means we need to upgrade some equipment to save time. Grinding, sawing and banging stainless steel. Pack it up, head home and shower then off to a friend's art show. A few beers afterwards, then in the sack. Whew, full day.

Sunday, up before dawn to do the pre-assessment work for the trail maintenance day. It's raining - nice. Get that in the bag, new trail reroute marked and head to the meeting spot only to have the Park Manager show up and tell us if we want to move trail we've got to go through an approval process, etc. Doesn't matter that the trail was never in the right place to begin with when it was made by the CCC way back in the 40's or 50's. It's on the fall-line channeling water and eroding away. Drop back and punt, we come up with an alternate plan and spend the next 3.5 hours working with the crew that showed up. Seventeen people made it out in the rain - big thanks to the hard core showing love for the trail on a dreary day. No biking because of the rain so a few of us grab some beer and burritos.

So, no rain for this Wednesday, forecast looking good. Word at my house (meaning my wife told me) is tonight there will be a lunar eclipse. Tomorrow is the official full moon, so that sucker is big and round like a hunk of cheese right now, should make for a good night ride. Go do it.

- riderx


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