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Single Speed Outlaw Blog Archives

Rider Down  //   Friday - November 5, 2004

Damaged!!! The Wednesday night ride did not go well this week. Midway through our second lap of pavement pounding a sudden slow down of the paceline forced me to take evasive action to avoid laying tire tracks across Mark's back. In the process I went down hard, tearing up my left hand and thumb, bruising some ribs and taco-ing my front wheel. After some reluctance I went to the hospital to get the hand checked out. Nothing broken but the doc thinks I tore some ligaments that will need expert care to put back together. I've got a visit scheduled for today for an assessment. Thirty-six hours later and things are still pretty swollen but a bit better.

Got to say though, the new gloves from the Duluth Trading Co. are some tuff muthers. Full review down the road.

Keep the rubber side down boys and girls!

- riderx

Quickbeam news  //   Wednesday - November 3, 2004

This just in from Rivendell regarding their Quickbeam SS bike:

We have 70 left and will not order any more for next year. This bike
has been a hit, and has received more raving, enthusiastic comments than
any bike we've ever made, but we're giving it a hiatus to make room for
other projects. As a single-speed goes, it's as versatile as it gets.
Two chainwheels, and add one ss freewheel on the flip-flop rear hub and
you've got a 4-speed. Fits tires up to 700x42, and fenders with tires
up to 700x38. All investment cast fittings, Japanese-made, our
design...a complete bike for $1300.

Picture here.

Two hundred down reserves one for you, and we'll hold it for a month,
at which time you'll have to pay the balance, and then we'll ship it. A
better winter bike is hard to imagine. Here's what we have left:

54cm: 9
56cm: 16
58cm: zero
60cm: 10
62cm: 9
64cm: 11
68cm: 4

Size it like a road bike. Any questions about the sizes, call, but
basically, if you know your saddle height is correct (center of crank to
top of saddle), THAT minus 16, plus or minus a centimeter, will land you
on the right size.

Another picture

Once we're out of these, it'll be at least a year before we get in any
more, and the price will go up unless the Yen goes down.

And speaking of Rivendell, this may not be a single speed or fixed gear, but you've got to check out this beautiful pink Rivendell cyclocross bike. Drool.

- riderx

Ramble On  //   Tuesday - November 2, 2004

Politics are intentionally left off of this site unless an issue specifically is bike related. After all, you can get plenty of that discourse anywhere else. But today, I'll just say this: If you don't vote today you don't have a right to bitch. That's my PSA.

Weird weather this weekend as the local forecasters blew predictions once again. Saturday was supposed to be sunny but turned out foggy, misty and grey. Kind of cool but the trails were slick. Lots of leaves down and the ones on the trees were alive with color. The light rain and mist made the leaves, roots and rocks super slick and a nice little challenge. Met up with the Trossenator and Mike, who was back from Germany for a few days, and hit the dawn patrol at Avalon. Good stuff and not many people on the trails because of the weather. To bad for them because it was nice fall weather.

Sunday turned out to be a great day near 70 F, unusual since it was a brewing day. Seems like it always rains on us for that. Conjured up the annual pumpkin ale and the breakfast stout (oatmeal cofffee stout). Yum. Now we just have to wait.

Gearing up to hit the C&O Canal this weekend on the fixed gear. Fingers crossed for good weather. A little late fall biking and camping should make for a good time. Did a bit of work on the Crosscheck last night to get her ready. In the middle of last week's ride the drivetrain started making some nasty noises. Real nasty. Looks like the chain was tweaked and had a twist in it. No idea how that one happened. Installed a new one and stole the 44T ring off the beater bike to bump things up to 44x17 for the trip. Slapped on the Ritchey Speedmax tires and my rack and she should be ready to rock and roll.

If you've got good weather where you are, go pedal. Fall rules. Well, except for the time change...

- riderx

You take your fun seriously  //   Monday - November 1, 2004

"Halloween" - Dead Kennedys

So it's Halloween
And you feel like dancin'
And you feel like shinin'
And you feel like letting loose

Whatcha gonna be
Babe, you better know
And you better plan
Better plan all day

Better plan all week
Better plan all month
Better plan all year

You're dressed up like a clown
Putting on your act
It's the only time all year
You'll ever admit that

I can see your eyes
I can see your brain
Baby, nothing's changed

You're still hiding in a mask
You take your fun seriously
No, don't blow this year's chance
Tomorrow your mold goes back on

After Halloween

You go to work today
You'll go to work tomorrow
Shitfaced tonight
You'll brag about it for months

Remember what I did
Remember what I was
Back on Halloween

But what's in between
Where are your ideas
You sit around and dream
For next Halloween

Why not everyday
Are you so afraid
What will people say

After Halloween

Because your role is planned for you
There's nothing you can do
But stop and think it through
But what will the boss say to you

And what will your girlfriend say to you
And the people out on the street they might glare at you
And whadya know you're pretty self-conscious too

So you run back and stuff yourselves in rigid business costumes
Only at night to score is your leather uniform exhumed
Why don't you take your social regulations
And shove 'em up your ass

- riderx


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