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Harlot Wear

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Things to do this weekend  //   Wednesday - November 4, 2009

Saturday: Frederick Alleycat
Sunday: Patapsco Trail work. Work will continue on the Thru Trail project.

Big thanks to all of the volunteers that showed up Sunday (and all of the previous work days) to help complete the big reroute we did on the Catoctin Trail. This was a huge effort. Final tally was over 800 volunteer hours on this project. This was a pilot project to show the City of Frederick what we can do. It paid off in big ways. We have more things to come for 2010, including another reroute, and blazing and mapping some of the long time favorite trails out there. This will be helped out by a $30K grant we have gotten from the Recreational Trails Program. Check the details from the press release we put out Sunday.

Photo by J Divinagracia

- riderx


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