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Keep it simple?  //   Thursday - November 9, 2006

This is it, the ultimate multi-tool. Truly for epic adventures, not meant to be taken on weight weenie ultra-light jaunts and it costs as much as some people's bikes. But really, if you can't fix your bike enough to ride it back to civilization with this, or at least survive in the wilderness until help arrives, you truly deserve the Darwin award you will receive. Made by none other than the makers of the Genuine Swiss Army knife and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Monster.

- riderx

This site has not expired  //   Wednesday - November 8, 2006

OK kids, I'm back, both here and on the bike. I guess you could attribute the lack of writing to having the bicycle blues. Despite intentions of getting on the trainer while I was on the DL list, it didn't happen. I hate the trainer and figured a little time off might not be a bad thing so I sat around and drank beer instead. I did manage to get out on two back to back weekends for trail maintenance. Maybe not the best thing to do since the arm was all gimped up and I was supposed to be taking it easy, but I have a hard time sitting still. Plus, I had one good arm that I tried to use more than the bum one. Also got around to building a work bench in my basement. Again, probably something I shouldn't have been doing, hauling around wood, holding heavy objects up while I screwed them together but it's done now and I don't seem any worse for it.

I've been off of the bike for several weeks which I thought may be good but always brings me down. But, the doc gave me the OK to start riding again last Wednesday. He said at least another 3 weeks for full recovery, but things are looking good. I still don't have full range of motion but I'm working on it. The bruising has almost disappeared and most of the swelling is down. It still aches daily but I assume that will go away once the healing is complete and said things are looking real good. Overall, great news.

Luckily the weather was good this weekend, crisp and a little chilly, near perfect fall conditions with the leaves still hanging onto their annual fireworks display of color. For my first ride in 4 weeks I headed down to the old stomping grounds of Patapsco. The girls were heading down to go out on their biggest ride there yet, so I met up with Ricky d, Dan and Ben to get our own ride on. Right off I was feeling good but I needed to keep telling myself to throttle back and take it easy on the technical stuff since I tend to view every bump, root and rock as a launch pad to get air. It didn't' take long to feel like the arm was pretty solid and let the wheels leave the ground. I kept it in check and didn't get any big air. I suspected climbing may bother the arm but it didn't. The only problem was fully extending it after bunny hops or large logs. Well, that and my lungs. They were getting cooked on the long climbs me wish I had gotten off of my ass and onto the trainer the last few weeks. So, I still need to take it a bit easy on the arm for a little while. All in all it was a great day to ride and a good feeling to be back on the bike. Afterwards both the guys and girls headed to Frisco Burritos to chow Tex-Mex and drink some good beer.

Sunday brought on the Bootleggers Bliss, and event put on by Spearmint and DT. The basic premise was to brew up a batch of home brew and bring it on out to share for a bike ride/pot luck cook out. Around 25 people showed up to grind up the rocky trails of Greenbrier State park. Afterwards we tapped kegs, cracked growlers and began drinking and eating. Being mid-fall and a little chilly we pretty much had the whole park to ourselves. Lots of tasty beers were had. Big thanks to the two knuckleheads for putting this one. I know everyone is looking forward to the next one. I brought the camera but forgot to take pictures. I saw the Disco Cowboy shooting a bunch, and he's a much better lensman than me, so hopefully he'll post some up soon.

Day two of my return to riding went pretty well, the arm hurt some on the looooong rocky climb of the blue trail, much more demanding than anything the day before, but the nature of the long group ride meant a more stop and go pace and shorter mileage so overall I felt in top shape. Now it's just a matter of getting myself back to my previous fitness level. Since that means more riding, I'm looking forward to it.

If anyone out there in reader land is not yet a single speeder but has really been wanting to give it a whirl, this news is for you. I'll be helping out the local shop in Frederick, The Bicycle Escape, put on a single speed conversion party on November 28th. Bring the bike you are looking to convert, a 6 pack of micros, and we'll bring you over to the dark side. Email Tom at the shop to get the full details and sign up, we'll have to limit the number of participants plus we'll need to know what kind of bike you are dealing with. Just be warned, if you haven't experienced the beauty of the single speed yet, you'll probably be selling that geared bike shortly after this little session.

Well, it's been raining here a lot over the past 12 hours or so, here's hoping it clears up enough to ride tomorrow night where I plan on returning to the scene of the injury for a night ride. Until then...

- riderx


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