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Winter Wonderland  //   Thursday - December 22, 2005

It's been cold lately, but not brutal like it can get north of here. Still, it's been making the riding interesting. Snow two weeks ago made for some fun and tough riding. Now, with some days getting above freezing and then have the temperature fall again at night we've been getting a melt-off and the old freeze/thaw cycle that makes riding the trail a matter of timing. When warmed up, you'll be doing trail damage to the soggy trails as evidenced by the nasty tire ruts left by those who are either clueless or can't stand the cold. The rest of us who don't want the trails trashed have been riding when it's frozen. In the case of this past weekend that meant dawn patrol both mornings. Crisp and cold and tough to roll out of bed, especially after a Friday night Christmas party. In the end, well worth it as the sun was cracking the horizon in glowing pink complimenting a deep blue sky.

After a couple of rides in the snow and ice I finally decided to get one of the bikes in winter order: the Surly got swapped back to fixed mode for speed control in the icy and dicey situations and the studded tires went back on to tackle those trails that are now resembling toboggan runs. Fun riding for sure and the snow and ice work you a lot harder than packed dirt. At night, when the moon is glowing it's easy to shut down the lights for a bit and let the snow reflect the nature light and provide all you need to see.

Last night, with the temperature above freezing during the day and the freezing point starting right at ride time, we hit the road. Made our way to Hampden, true blue Baltimore neighborhood, and the Miracle on 34th Street, an overload to the visual senses. From there our destination was the Brewers Art for chow and festive ales. A cold ride home, but unfortunately no snow.

Have a cool Yule and a happy new year and make sure you get in some quality riding time.

- riderx

For your viewing pleasure  //   Wednesday - December 21, 2005

This just sent to me, sounds worth checking out. Thursday night, Discovery channel. Check your local listings.

Last summer, I produced a "TourWatch 2005" Tour de France viewing party at Central Market in Austin, Texas and the Discovery Network's Travel Channel sent a crew to produce a documentary on it. I also provided video footage for this documentary and was one of the five fans featured in this

In adddition to being a viewing party, this was Austin's first big podcasting events and each day's highlights were carried on the Tour of Texas website in the form of podcasts.

Many local Austin media outlets carried coverage of this event. On the last day of the Tour de France several thousand people showed up to cheer Lance on and sign several giant yellow cards that the Outdoor Life Network brought to the event.

We finally have an air time for this documentary, here's the email I got from producer Bill Delano:

Hey Ya´ll~ Tune in tomorrow night for my first film, "Chasing Lance: a Fans Story"!!! Its a great show, was a thrilling adventure and will forever stand as testament to what two friends can do with a camcorder, computer, and a dream.

Here's the TV Guide sum up: Join five Americans on an emotion packed thrill ride as they chase the Tour all around France supporting their hero in his seventh and final ride. These are true fanatics who do far more than vacation, they redefine what it means to be a true Fan.

Let everyone know and check it out on the Travel Channel on Thursday, December 22 at 8 and 11pm EST (7 and 10 pm CST).

There will be more details on comment on this documentary at and on

I'll soon have a special DVD available called the "The Making of Chasing Lance" which will also be published as a video podcast on the Tour of Texas. Let me know if you want to be on the notification list for this.

Hope you tune it to this show Thursday night.

Paul Terry Walhus

- riderx


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