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Single Speed Outlaw
Issue #4
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(Night) Riding the Winter Out  //   Tuesday - April 1, 2014

Gambrill State Park is on Catoctin Mountain, which sits on the Eastern edge of the Appalachian mountains in Frederick, Maryland. Since 2006 we've been doing winter night rides under a special use agreement with Maryland DNR, organized by The Bicycle Escape and mountain bike advocacy group MORE .

A late March snow gave us one more chance to get a combined snow/night ride in for the season.

Words and quotes are from the March 2014 SPOKES magazine article on the Gambrill night riding scene. Available online here.

Night Riding in Gambrill State Park from Joe Whitehair on Vimeo.

- riderx

The snow keeps coming  //   Tuesday - February 11, 2014

Snow riding is the best riding, don't let the cold stop you. When is gets icy, it will be time to mount up the studded tires. Don't have any? No problem, check out our easy How To Make Homemade Studded Tires guide and get to work. Studs don't do anything for the snow, but they work wonders on the ice.

Over Rock

Ricky d


Snow Ride

- riderx

Tis the Season  //   Thursday - December 26, 2013

Lights aren't just for trees, they are for people and bikes too! It's a holly jolly season as the year wraps up and the hell-a-day shopping season finishes up. Get out and ride your bike, listen to some Tom Waits and have a Christmas coctail!

Tron Christmas

- riderx


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